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What Is Blepharoplasty?

A person's eyes are a unique aspect of their face that deserves to be seen, but sometimes an abundance of skin on top or around the eyes can create an aged or tired appearance. Dr. Algie LaBrasca performs eyelid surgery (known as blepharoplasty) to lift and tighten the lower or upper eyelid, creating a younger and awakened facial appearance. So many individuals have eyelid surgery at LaBrasca Plastic Surgery in Brookville and DuBois, PA to reduce puffy bulges, leading to improved function and appearance. Upper and lower eyelid surgery creates a fresh, youthful appearance and can give you natural yet noticeable improvements. If you are interested in refreshing your eyes with eyelid lift surgery, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. LaBrasca.

How Is Blepharoplasty Performed?

Depending on the nature of your eyelid surgery, some form of anesthesia will be provided. This treatment may be done on the upper eyelid, bottom eyelid, or both.

  • Upper: Upper blepharoplasty assists in decreasing the folds of skin that droop over the eye to create a more appealing eyelid appearance. An incision is usually made along the natural crease to trim away loose skin and fatty tissue.
  • Lower: Lower blepharoplasty is performed to reduce puffy skin underneath the lower eyelid. In most cases, an incision is made along the lash line to allow access to remove fat, and the skin is delicately lifted to allow for a smoother look. Fillers can be used to create more smoothness and softening if necessary.

Dr LaBrasca Makes Me 10 Years Younger! - Turning 41 after my third baby, I knew my face had changed a bit. My eyes seemed down turned and puffy. I looked tired all the time. I have two different Friends that had their “eyes done” by Dr LaBrasca. They all look really good and refreshed and definitely younger than their years. This winter I received unbelievably AMAZING results from a tummy tuck and breast reduction from Dr LaBrasca (please search for my review! The pictures are unreal) I decided to finally go for the upper eye lift and I am so happy I did! It seems most women wait till their in theirs late 50’s -60’s to get this procedure but I would HIGHLY recommend having this procedure in your 40’s. It really turns back time. I wake up and look rested. No longer puffy and squinting in pictures. It is a real game changer and confidence booster. Please have a look at my before and after pictures to see what I’m talking about. I have three young children, I no longer get all dolled up every day to go to drop off and the park :) I now feel great just wearing a pony tail and some moisturizer before I leave the house. The procedure was done in his office with out anesthesia. The bruising was less than a week with some dark under eye circles. Not bad at all! Two weeks later I was completely recovered. Dr LaBrasca is SO KIND! His whole staff is so very gracious and warm. They are simply great people. I flew in for my procedure from Boston and stayed overnight. A week later my whole Family drove back so I could have my stitches out and take a little family vacation there because we simply love DuBois Pa! Please message me for any more information or pictures!

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Younger-Looking Eyes

If it's difficult to see or apply makeup because of folds of skin on the upper eyelid, or you suffer from puffy bags underneath your eyes, then a blepharoplasty at LaBrasca Plastic Surgery may be right for you. This enhancement can allow you to look and feel refreshed and youthful while offering a gorgeous answer to your vision impairment concerns. We invite you to get in touch with one of our offices in DuBois or Brookville, PA to schedule a consultation with Dr. Algie LaBrasca.

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